February 28, 2017


2016-17 Registration Forms

2016-17 Tuition Rates

Preschool Tuition
3 year old class (Tues./Thurs.)
8:35 – 12:30
4 year old class (Mon./Wed./Fri.)
8:35 – 12:30
K-8 Discount Tuition Program**
First Student $4,542/year
Two Students (same family) $8,130/year
Three or more students (same family) $10,606/year

**There are three requirements to receive the discounted tuition rate:

1. Mass participation: as Catholics we are expected to attend and participate in all Sunday and Holy Day Masses. Your attendance is verified by our reviewing the use of offertory envelopes at Mass. Cash contributors must use their offertory envelopes: e-contributors must use the “I contribute online” cards.

2. Complete and return a Parish Stewardship pledge card in the fall of 2016.

3. Complete and return an Annual Catholic Appeal pledge card in the spring of 2017.

* If you are a member of Holy Trinity Parish or a local Military Chapel, please attach the signed “Non OLSOS Discount Tuition Program Verification” request.

The following is the Full Tuition Program:

K-8 Full Tuition Program
First student   $5,792/year
Two students (same family)   $10,368/year
Three or more students (same family)   $13,554/year

NOTE: Service Hour Requirement: 50 volunteer hours per year per family (25 hrs. single parent). $20 per hour will be assessed on June 10, 2016 for unfulfilled service hours.

Additional Fees

Other fees are collected throughout the year, such as hot lunch and milk fees, field trip fees, sixth grade environmental camp, and eighth grade graduation fees.


Scholarships to Our Lady Star of the Sea School are provided by the Fulcrum Foundation and by Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish.  Applications for Fulcrum scholarships are available after Christmas and due in the School office by mid-January.  Fulcrum scholarships are based on family size, assets, number of children, and annual income.  Applicants need not belong to a specific parish or even to the Catholic Church to qualify.  A copy of the prior year’s income tax return must be submitted with each Fulcrum application.  Applicants qualifying for a Fulcrum scholarship are notified by mid April.

Star scholarships are awarded only to registered, active, and participating families who belong to Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish.  A family must first apply for a Fulcrum scholarship in order to be considered for a Star scholarship.  Applicants for Star scholarships must submit their letters to Father Lappe by June 1. Some families receive scholarships from both the Fulcrum Foundation and Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish.

Tuition Agreement for 2016-17 
Kindergarten – 8th grade


$4,542 Discount Tuition – First student
$8,130 Discount Tuition – Two students (same family)
$10,606 Discount Tuition – Three or more students (same family)

Discount rate is also available to members of Holy Trinity who receive tuition assistance from Holy Trinity through their yearly application process, or to members of local military chapels. Please attach the “Non OLSOS Discount Tuition Program Verification Request,” if applicable.

$5,792 Full Tuition – First student
$10,368 Full Tuition – Two students (same family)
$13,554 Full Tuition – Three or more students (same family)


 1. $__________ Tuition Owed (refer to options above)
 2. +$_________ Preschool Tuition (if applicable) $1300/yr. PreK3; $1900/yr. PreK4
 3.  $_________ SUBTOTAL
 4. – $________ (5% discount if paid in full in cash;  2% if paid in full by credit card prior to 8/29/2016)
 5. $_________ SUBTOTAL
 We are requesting parish tuition assistance. Please attach this form to your completed Tuition Assistance Application. If granted, Parish Administrator will complete the two lines below.
6. -$_________ Amount of Fulcrum assistance granted
7. -$_________ Amount of parish assistance granted
8. $_________ TOTAL OWED (From Line 5 if no tuition assistance has been requested; Parish Administrator will complete lines 6, 7, and 8 if parish assistance is requested).
BY SIGNING THIS AGREEMENT, I AGREE TO PAY THE TOTAL ABOVE IN FULL, OR USING THE FACTS TUITION PLAN. (FACTS payment options, sign-up form, and Parent Covenant will be sent upon receipt of this signed form.)