September 25, 2017

Third Grade

Mr. Luke Fletcher

Luke Fletcher is a life-long parishioner of Star of the Sea, and a graduate of Bremerton High School.  Luke and his wife, Kate, have three children who attend our school: Taylor, Owen, and Abby, as did Luke’s wife, grandmother, great aunts and great uncles from the Triggs family, as well as his father and aunts and uncles.

As a young man, Luke enlisted in the Army, did a tour in the Middle East, and took an early-out to go to school.  After various careers, he became a stay-at-home dad in 2007.

While a stay-at-home dad, he went back to school and graduated  from WWU’s teaching program with a K-8 endorsement in 2013. He returned to WWU in the fall of 2014 to complete his K-12 Special Education Endorsement.

The 2017-18 school year will be Luke’s 3rd year at Our Lady Star of the Sea School, and will include new team teaching elements.  Students in both 3rd and 4th grade will have Mr. Fletcher for Math.  Mrs. Rothlin will be teaching Writing/Grammar for 3rd and 4th grade students, as well.

Luke’s true love, besides his wife of 12 years, is Notre Dame football, Seahawks football, golfing, hiking and spending time with family.

Third Grade Handbook

3rd Grade Textbook Websites

Class Goal

Our class goal is to use the talents/gifts God has given each us and to appreciate the talents/gifts God has given to others! This means that we are to do our best in everything we do and praise others for what they do.



We are excited to be using the new and updated Archdiocese of Seattle religion standards. There are 5 categories that we will be exploring.

  • Knowledge of the Faith
  • Liturgical Formation
  • Moral Formation
  • Prayer
  • Church and Community Life
  • Missionary Spirit


We utilize the Go Math! curriculum in 3rd and 4th grade. This curriculum is Common Core aligned. Multiple methods and strategies for problem-solving are introduced. Not all children learn the same. We do lots of partner work and small group activities. All activities are based on scientific research. Our math block is centered around five mathematical content strands:

  • Operations and Algebraic thinking
  • Numbers and Operations in Base ten
  • Number and Operations in Fractions
  • Measurement and Data
  • Geometry

Quite regularly the students play mathematical games. Research states that games help children develop good fact power and other math skills.

Reading & Spelling

Reading instruction is comprised of whole group instruction as well as small group instruction. Your child will be ability-grouped so that he/she will receive targeted instruction specific to his/her needs.

Social Studies

We utilize Communities by Houghton Mifflin. The primary focus of Social Studies in third grade is on communities. There are five main ideas in Social Studies that third graders will explore:

  • How does where you live affect how you live? (Geography)
  • How do communities change over time? (Culture)
  • How do people change communities? (History)
  • How do people in a community meet their needs? (Economics)
  • Why do communities need government? (Citizenship)


We use Science by Harcourt. We will investigate 6 units in science.

  • Plants and Animals
  • Plants and Animals Interact
  • Earth’s Land
  • Cycles on Earth and in Space
  • Investigating Matter
  • Exploring Energy and Forces