November 24, 2017

Star Care (Before & After School Care)

Mrs. Linda McDaniel

Mrs. McDaniel has been at Our Lady Star of the Sea School for eighteen years. She was born and raised in Bremerton, Washington and attended Olympic College. She has a husband, Greg, two children, and two grandsons. Mrs. McDaniel’s hobbies include her grandsons, arts/ crafts, interacting with children, sports, and reading.

Star Care Overview

Welcome to Star Care 2017-2018,

Star Care is a Roman Catholic based program allowing for prayer, sharing and practicing our Catholic faith. We also offer diverse activities including intellectual and physical (we go outside or to the gym when it is available) stimulation.

We will be in the center rooms 1 & 2 again. (Enter the room through the brown door next to the gym.)

We give the children many opportunities to complete their homework. Please send pencils and paper to do their homework. Also, all children are to bring a reading book for quiet time at the end of the day.

SNACKS:  Morning children can bring their own snack or breakfast to eat, please make them healthy.  The afternoon children may bring a healthy snack that they can eat right after school.  Star Care serves snacks at 4:30 pm.

Thank you for your help and cooperation in keeping Star Care up and running smoothly.

Linda S. McDaniel, Director
Room phone (360)627-8921
Mrs. McDaniel’s cell (360)710-8360

Daily Schedule

AM (Morning)
We open at 6:30 am in the Parish Center, rooms 1 & 2. Parent or guardian check in their child. The children put away their backpacks and go to centers or finish their homework. Children may bring a snack from home such as yogurt, granola bars or breakfast. We begin to clean up the room at 8:00 am. The children gather their belongings, and line up for morning Prayers.

PM (Afternoon)
In the afternoon we open at 3:20 pm children come directly to the parish center. They check in and put away their belongings. We go outside or to the gym when it is available. There is time for homework. PLEASE SEND PENCIL AND PAPER FOR THEM TO USE. When finished there are quiet center activities. Snack time is approx. 4:30 pm. We say the mealtime blessing when finished with snack, all kids work to clean up and recite the grace after meal prayer. It is then time to read or work on homework until picked up by parents.
Star Care door closes promptly AT 5:30 PM.

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