July 25, 2017


Stella Scott

My name is Stella Scott and I am your new child/children’s Spanish Teacher. The children know me as “Señora Scott”.

I am happy to now be part of the faculty at Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic School. I am originally from Asuncion, Paraguay, graduated with a Master’s degree in Arts and have worked in several educational children’s programs throughout the country since 1990. I currently also teach Spanish at Saint Cecilia Catholic School in Bainbridge Island.

MATERIALS FOR SPANISH CLASS: The following is a list of material that the students will need in class:

·     One 3-ring binder (1” w/inside pockets) (ALL GRADES)

·     One 70 page notebook for note taking and vocabulary (3rd to 7th grade)

·     Red pencil for correcting (3rd to 7th grade)

As this is the first year of Spanish for most students, I will present the material according to themes.

Throughout the year we will cover:

§     Greetings and courtesy expressions

§     Numbers including simple math problems

§     Colors

§     School things and places

§     Spanish speaking countries and culture

§     Days of the week, months, calendar, etc.

§     Weather

§     Parts of the body

§     Clothing

§     Family

§     Animals and pets

Vocabulary is the name of the game! The students will be acquiring the basic vocabulary typical of the first year foreign language learners. Basic grammar concepts will be presented taking advantage of the theme vocabulary.

We will be learning about the Spanish and Latin CULTURE during the year, taking advantage of yearly celebrations and customs.

CULTURAL PROJECTS: Time permitting; I will assign at least one cultural project per trimester.

HOMEWORK: Students will have Spanish homework assigned from time to time and they will be given time in class to complete some of them. However I would encourage you to check weekly for assignments I may have sent home during a specific week. PARTICIPATION, BEHAVIOR IN CLASS AND COMPLETED ASSIGNMENTS PLAY A KEY ROLE in determining their class grade.


Ø     Written and Oral exams = 35 percent of grade

Ø     Participation and Behavior in Class = 45 percent of grade

Ø     Homework and assignments = 20 percent of grade

I look forward to the students enjoying this learning experience. I know I will completely enjoy teaching your children about the richness of the Spanish language and Culture!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me or email me at school: sscott@starofthesea.net

Warm regards,

Señora Scott