September 25, 2017

Sixth Grade

Mrs. Cecelia O’Connor

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6th graders use Following Christ by the Faith and Life series. This curriculum informs the students about the Old Testament and how it relates to our lives today. The unit topics are The Ten Commandments, The Holy Mass, and The Afterlife.

There is an emphasis on Scripture Study. 6th Graders focus on the Old Testament completing detailed studies about some of our favorite scripture stories.

In grades 6 through 8 students learn about Catholic Social Teaching and how the principles of Social Justice can be applied to what they learn in other classes and in their daily life.

Language Arts/Literature

English – Students are taught language skills through a balanced approach to grammar and writing.  Students learn through a process that combines language skills with immediate application to writing.    There will be a variety of writing exercises throughout the year, including:  personal narratives, descriptive essays, letters, reports and poetry.   Students will also practice presenting material to the whole class in an effort to work on oral language skills.

Vocabulary – Students learn 10-12 new words per week through our grammar skills exercises.  We discuss the word’s use within the sentence, the etymology, and the meaning.  Students are quizzed regularly on vocabulary.

Reading – The anthology, Literature: Timeless Voices, Timeless Themes (Copper Level), is divided into ten units with universal themes so students can relate to their reading through familiar, relevant topics. The genres presented in this anthology include short story, poetry, essay, autobiography, folk tale, article, and report. The anthology includes a broad collection of award-winning literature that engages students and inspires them to write and to think. Many writing activities are inspired by the readings in this anthology.  The 6th Grade students also participate in a “40 Book Challenge” in which they will attempt to read 40 books during the school year from a variety of genres.

Accelerated Reader: All students in grades 6-8 are required to take 3 A.R. tests per trimester.     Students will have the opportunity to go to the school library to check out new books or take A.R. quizzes.

General Science

The sixth grade text is a general science course where the students will be exposed to three different disciplines of science in their studies this year: Life Science, Earth Science and Physical Science. The year begins in Life Science with the focus on classification followed by cells, reproduction (some basic genetics), body systems, plants, biomes and ecosystems. We will then move into Earth Science where we will look at plate tectonics, rocks and minerals, changing landforms, earth’s resources, climate and weather. Physical Science will wrap up our year with studies in matter, forces and motion, machines and, if there’s time, some astronomy.

Camp Hamilton – Each spring, the sixth graders attend Environmental Education camp at Camp Hamilton. For more information, click here.


The sixth grade math program is designed to bring the student from the elementary mathematics that they had been studying, and prepare them for the Algebra and other higher mathematics that they will eventually study. The course begins with reminders of the math that they had studied up until this year and then moves into fractions and decimals, measurement/data and graphing, integers, geometry, ratios and percents and Algebra.

Social Studies

In 6th grade, students continue with the Houghton Mifflin Social Studies Series that was adopted in grades 1-6. The focus in 6th grade is World Cultures & Geography. 6th grade social studies feels like a whirlwind world tour. We start the year with a study of Geography then Western Hemisphere nations. We study a little history and geography from each continent. The emphasis in World Cultures and Geography from Houghton Mifflin is learning about cultures. The teacher puts a special emphasis on map knowledge.

The 6th Grade Culture Fair Project is a study of a specific country.