November 24, 2017

Physical Education

Mrs. Tina Powell

Mrs. Powell grew up in Los Angeles, CA, where she attended both Catholic elementary and Catholic high school. She  then graduated  from the University of San Francisco where she also met her husband.  After school, she worked in a 4th and 5th grade class at a private school. From 1990 to 2013 she raised and home schooled her 11 children. Mrs. Powell is also  working on a Masters in Education.

Mrs. Powell enjoys watching and playing sports with her husband and 7 children still at home. She also enjoys cooking for the crew.

Physical Education Classes (K-8)

Our Lady Star of the Sea PE curriculum includes its StarFit workout into its classes regularly. StarFit enhances the natural process of motor development which increases learning effectiveness and efficiency. Children have a natural inclination for constant and varied movements that StarFit channels.

In addition, it creates a physical learning environment that builds on the idea that all children have differing abilities and need to be challenged at different points of development. This differentiated instruction allows a child to continually and efficiently progress, minimizing the risk of frustration or stagnation. Every skill, every movement, every workout and every game can be scaled to a child’s ability (made easier or harder) so he or she is challenged. Main areas of fitness that will be targeted are:  cardiorespiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.

Each class includes a warm up, skill instruction, a workout of the day and a game. Games such as Musical Wall Balls, Empire Mania, Noodle Tag, Volcano Monster and many others are played at the conclusion of each class. Since OLSOS provides volleyball and basketball as extra-curricular sports, aspects of these games will be presented during the year.

One bible verse will be presented, discussed and reiterated throughout each month. This will be done to encourage the practice of the faith as it’s to be incorporated into all subjects and parts of a student’s life.

PE dress code violations will result in receiving a Dress Code Violation Slip. Requirements are:

K-4 uniform requirements: Students are required to wear appropriate athletic shoes in order to perform movements correctly. Dress shoes or boots are not permitted in PE class. Girls are required to wear shorts under their jumpers.

5-8 uniform requirements:  Both boys and girls are required to wear the official PE shirt. Boys may wear shorts or sweat pants. Girls may wear shorts or sweat pants. Shorts need to reach mid-thigh. Shorts and pants may not be tight fitted such as spandex. All pieces of clothing must be without holes or tears.

Students will be given an opportunity to earn a Shining Star during PE Class. This can be obtained by demonstrating good form in movements, cooperation, positive attitude, improvement or sportsmanship. Students with Shining Stars will be acknowledge in their classrooms as well as having their names put into a drawing at the end of each trimester (for a gift).

If a student is not eligible to participate in PE due to an injury or condition, please send a doctor’s note, parent note or call the office so it can be noted.