November 24, 2017


Mrs. Ashley Moran

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Curriculum Goals

  • Positive, developmentally appropriate environment; many opportunities to be active learners.
  • Religion: Prayer and reference to God, and the three persons in one God (Holy Trinity) are integrated throughout the day. The goal/expectation is to foster in children a sense of respect for God, all of God’s creations, and traditions of the Catholic Church.
  • Reading and Language: Students develop pre-reading and reading skills by participating in a language experience approach: speaking, listening, reading and writing are integrated throughout the curriculum.
  • Mathematics: Students will develop skills and practice a hands-on approach using concrete objects to identify and solve mathematical problems: sorting, classifying, learning to recognize and develop patterns, counting, measuring, and graphing concrete objects that are meaningful to the world of kindergarten students.
  • Social Studies: Students will explore their relationship to others, their country, and their world, integrated throughout the curriculum using a theme approach.
  • Science: Students will find out about themselves and the world by asking questions, observing, experimenting, organizing information, and drawing conclusions using a theme approach.
  • Art: Students will have opportunities to observe and create using a variety of art materials, which will include exploration of color, texture, form, and expression of ideas, integrated with other subjects.
  • Music: Students will have formal music instruction twice weekly with a Music Specialist. In addition, the curriculum and classroom themes will be enhanced with musical experiences, including religious and secular music.
  • Physical Education: Students will have formal instruction twice weekly with a P.E. Specialist. In class and during recess, students will also be expected to participate in activities involving motor skills, teamwork and sportsmanship.