September 25, 2017

Eighth Grade

Sister Maria Caeli Parmeter

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8th Grade Textbook Websites

8th Grade Important Information

Below, you can find the links to Catholic High school application information for schools that Our Lady Star of the Sea students have attended in the past. Other schools can be located on-line or through the Seattle Archdiocesan website.

Make sure to check with the schools about placement tests as soon as possible. Please, please, be sure to get your applications to theSchool Office as soon as you can. Most are due the second or third week in January. Inclement weather last year made for a mad-dash at the last minute.




In 8th Grade students use “Our Life In the Church” from the Ignatius Press Faith and Life Series. Main topics covered are: The Church, The Christian in the World, and Means to Fulfill our Call to Holiness.

In grades 6 through 8 students learn about Catholic Social Teaching and how the principles of Social Justice can be applied to what they learn in other classes and in their daily life. The Pastor of Our Lady Star of the Sea spends time with each grade once a month answering students questions.

Language Arts/Literature

English The students will be using the grammar section of Writing and Grammar:  Communication in Action to improve and practice their grammar skills.   Most writing assignments will come from exercises in their Literature books which are connected to the reading selection of that week.  Some of these include Personal Narrative, Descriptive Essay, Observation Journal, Compare and Contrast Essays, letters, and poetry.

Vocabulary – The Vocabulary Workshop program helps students build their English vocabulary in preparation for higher quality speaking and writing, elementary school achievement testing, and SAT, ACT, and GRE testing. Each text presents 300+ key words in 15 units.  In addition, the students will have a “Word of the Day” each day of class.

LITERATURE – The anthology, Literature: Timeless Voices, Timeless Themes (Silver Level), is divided into ten units with universal themes so students can relate to their reading through familiar, relevant topics. The genres presented in this anthology include short story, poetry, essay, autobiography, folk tale, article, and report. The anthology includes a broad collection of award-winning literature that engages students and inspires them to write and to think. Many writing activities are inspired by the readings in this anthology.  In addition, students will engage in several novel studies (Johnny Tremain, Black Ships Before Troy, and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer).

Reading Logs – All 6th-8th grade students will maintain reading logs in the form of a “blog” in Technology class.  Students need to have one entry to their blog each week, which will be averaged into their Literature grade.  At a minimum, students should be reading 100 minutes per week.

Accelerated Reader: All students in grades 6-8 are required to take 3 A.R. tests per trimester.  The 8th grade requirement for the 1st trimester is one book of their choice, Johnny Tremain, and an American biography that will be assigned.  The second semester requirement is one Newbery of choice, Black Ships Before Troy, and one book of choice.  The third trimester requirement is The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, one of their choice, and either The House of Dies Drear or The Light in the Forest.   The score on the A.R. quiz will be averaged into the Literature grade and counts for 20% of the overall grade.  If a student does poorly on a quiz, he/she may write a one page book review to add 20 points.   Students will have the opportunity to go to the school library to check out new books or take A.R. quizzes.

Physical Science

The 8th Grade uses the text: Science Explorer: Physical Science. In this class the students will study matter, its different phases and what it is composed of (atoms, etc.). We will also explore some basic chemistry (periodic tables, elements, reactions, etc.), motion and forces, energy, work and machines. The students will be assigned a project that will have them not only constructing a machine, but also writing on what they have learned.


All 8th graders at Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic School take beginning-algebra or algebra. The students are given a competency test at the end of seventh grade; this test, along with results of standardized tests, math grades from prior years, and teacher recommendations is used to place students in the appropriate math class. In beginning-algebra students being the year by solidifying their learning of basic arithmetic including fractions and decimals. The curriculum then takes a spiral approach of algebra to give the students the tools necessary to begin their math journey in highschool. In algebra the students start by reviewing the basic building blocks of algebra such as the order of operations, properties of real numbers and arithmetic operations with real numbers. Much of algebra involves equations and the students learn how to solve multi-step equations and inequalities, systems of equations and inequalities, quadratic equations, radical equations, and rational equations. The students also learn how to add, subtract, multiply, divide and factor all kinds of polynomials.


The 8th graders study American History. Predominantly, the focus is on the foundations of the United States. Areas of emphasis include (but are not limited to): the Revolution; creation of the Constitution; Manifest Destiny; the Civil War; westward expansion; and the emergence of modern America. Main projects are: The Explorer’s Journal and Pack Your Trunk. American History Book: Creating America: Beginnings Through World War I from McDougal Littell.

Latin I

During the course of the year we will cover Chapters 1-10 of our text “Ecce Romani.” Each chapter contains new vocabulary and grammar. Learning new vocabulary not only gives the student an opportunity to learn words in another language, but expands students’ understanding of how Latin words have influenced English. Grammar covered includes nouns used as subjects, direct objects and indirect objects; verbs in the present tense, the verb “to be,” the use of infinitives; and adjectives. Latin is an excellent first foreign language and a great foundation for learning the Romance languages. In addition, each chapter has a section on Roman history, literature, or culture that will expand the students’ appreciation for Roman life and how our own civilization has been influenced by the Romans.


Culture Fair Project

The 8th grade project is a family history project the requirements can be found here. 8th graders are not required to share any information. The guidelines are meant to be flexible enough that each student shares appropriate information during their in class presentation and their presentation to other students during our Culture Fair day .

English – Students are taught language skills through a balanced approach to grammar and writing. Students learn through a process that combines language skills with immediate application to writing. Writing skills and process are also cultivated though Step Up to Writing—a program that focuses on various writing styles and the necessary steps to writing effectively. In general, students will write an essay every two weeks.
The 8th Grade Culture Fair Project is an individual Family History Study which includes an emphasis on Religion.